Personal training with me!

Personal training packages:

Personal training sessions with me are one on one sessions that last anywhere from 45 minutes to one hour. In these session we will cover all the basics and then some! You’ll foam roll (don’t hate me), stretch, mobilize, and strengthen your body in a format that is personal to YOU! Every session will be different, fun, energizing, and hopefully a little sweaty!

Package options:

Packages are sold in one month chunks with the option to meet one time per week and two times per week. These sessions are meant to be attainable and personal to each individual client. I believe that one month is just enough time to decide if it’s right for you, without making you feel locked into a contract. The point of these sessions to to ensure you are working out in a safe, efficient environment. I consider these sessions opportunities for you to learn what you can do on your own, so you can be successful when you are not working with me personally.

Wait, there’s more?!

No matter what package you choose, each Monday you will receive an email with three recipes and one workout for the week. These recipes and workouts are created by Yours Truly! While I am not a registered dietician or chef, the recipes are tasty and healthy! The workouts are designed to be tacked on to your regular workout, broken into multiple sets throughout the day, or preformed as your sole workout for the day! Emails are sent on Monday’s as a way to keep you on track for your week ahead.

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