Hi there! My name is Allie, and I am a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor! I believe that fitness is not just about how fast you can run, how heavy you can lift, or how thin you are. Fitness is a mindset, and YOU have the power to determine where you want to be!

I consider my personal training sessions and group fitness classes a safe space to become fully fit with killer workouts, mindful exercises, and a place to help you work through whatever frustrations life throws at you!

So join me on this journey to becoming a fitter version of the amazing person you already are!


Personal training packages:

Personal training sessions with me are one on one sessions that last anywhere from 45 minutes to one hour. In these session we will cover all the basics and then some! You’ll foam roll (don’t hate me), stretch, mobilize, and strengthen your body in a format that is personal to YOU! Every session will be different, fun, energizing, and hopefully a little sweaty!

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Group fitness classes:


BodyShock is a 50 minute fast-paced, high intensity interval training class choreographed to incredible music – combining elements of cardio, core, strength, and kickboxing. Don’t think you can handle it? Sure you can! All movements can be modified with low impact options – so all fitness levels are welcome.


CircuitShock is a 45 minute, small group training class. This class is limited to 10 people. We start with a cardio and core warm-up. From there we cycle through a series of functional strength exercises designed to hit every muscle group to give you a full body workout. The perfect complement to a BodyShock class!

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